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We've had customers calling in asking what does "SBC" stand for, they see it in forums and in catalogs but have not idea what it stands for. So we're here to clear that up for you. SBC is just an acronym for "Small Block Chevy", but I want to elaborate a little more on what a Small Block Chevy is. Since its debut in 1955 the Small Block Chevy engine has been the dominant and favorite engine of performance seekers, racers, and everyday American hard working guys that drive Trucks. The small block engine has been offered in a range of sizes from 265 to 400 cubic inches, but we see a lot of 305's & 350's in the Chevy Trucks. These V8 engines were built small and lightweight and produce good torque allowing for a quick take off from a stand still. Just like their trucks Chevrolet keeps improving the Small Block Chevy right up to today. It has evolved a lot since the original first generation small block but is still the most used engine under the hood in Chevy Trucks today.

Small Block Chevy

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