1973-1987 Chevy & GMC Truck ABS Headliner Installation Instructions

NON-COVERED UNIT: If unit was purchased bare (not upholstered) it can be painted with automotive interior spray paint or if the unit is to be covered (upholstered) regular foam backed headlining is recommended. If a nonfoambacked headlining material is used a piece of 1/8” or 1/4” moldable foam should be glued to the board first and then the material is glued to the foam.

PRE-COVERED: If the unit was purchased pre-covered the material over the sunvisor mount holes and over the dome light hole has not been cut in the event that sunvisors will not be mounted or the dome light reinstalled. If they are to be used make a small slit in the fabric in these areas prior to installing the headliner board.

Note: All ABS Headliner boards come with pre-cut holes in the board for dome lights, visor bracket openings, etc. Fabric will cover the entire board. Once you choose which openings you need, using a razor knife, cut an “X” in the center of each opening and fold back the material that can be glued or taped to the back side of the board. This will give each opening a clean appearance.


STEP 1. Remove sunvisors, dome light bezel & lens and plastic trim moldings around the headliner. Remove and discard old headliner fabric and board if present.

STEP 2. Install headliner in cab and align sunvisor cutouts with holes for sunvisor mounts. Replace sunvisors and dome light bezel.

STEP 3. Replace trim moldings around headliner.