Chevy & GMC Truck, Blazer and Suburban Carpet Installation Instructions

Below are general instructions needed to remove almost any carpet for your Chevy Truck or SUV. Please follow these instructions to insure proper installation and your satisfaction.

Tools that may be needed:

Phillips Screw Driver
Sharp Knife or Heavy Scissors
Allen Wrenches
3/8" Sockets and Drive (Standard or Metric)


Step #1: Remove your new carpet from carton, unfold and lay out at room temperature for approximately 1 hour before installing.

Step #2: Please inspect entire carpet before cutting or making any alterations. Failure to do this will void any claims or returns to the manufacturer.

Step #3: Remove door plates.

Step #4: Remove seats (bolted to floor).

Step #5: Remove seat belts (bolted to floor, disconnect wire to seat belt warning signal, if applicable).

Step #6: Remove console (where applicable), shift knob must be taken off before console will come out. Shift knob secured by, screwing clip, Allen screw.

Step #7: Loosen door post panels and kick pad panels under dash.

Step #8: Remove old carpet and pad. NOTE: On late models, an additional insulation padding is used. Do not remove this padding.

Step #9: Place new carpet in floor, adjust new carpet so contours in carpet line up with contours in floor pan. Carpet may have to be trimmed at firewall under dash to insure snug fit.

Step #10: Cut holes for dimmer switch (where applicable), shift lever (where applicable) seat bolts, seat belt bolts, and minor slit for seat belt alarm wire.

Step #11: Slip carpet under kick panels (trim if necessary).

Step #12: Replace seat belts (be sure to reconnect seat belt warning wire).

Step #13: Trim along sides of carpet allowing enough where door post panels and door plates cover the edge of carpet.

Step #14: Tighten door post panels and kick panels under dash.

Step #15: Replace console and shift lever (where applicable).

Step #16: Replace seats.

Step #17: Replace door plates.