In this section we offer weatherstripping, seals, and gaskets to take care all of your needs when restoring a classic Chevrolet truck. We have manufactured all these items with quality rubber and foam to the specifications of the original seals for proper installation and function. We also have trained staff members on site to assist with instruction on how to properly install the weatherstripping purchased for a great experience with your GMC or Chevy truck restoration.

Years included in this section are 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, and 1966 for classic GM truck.

Weatherstrip Kits

Door Seals

Fender Seals

Hood, Cowl, & Radiator Seals

Paint Seals

Rear Window Seals

Rubber Bumpers

Vent Seals

Window Channel Seals

Window Felts

Windshield Seals


1964-87 Fullsize Chevy & GMC Truck Vent Window Hinge Rivet, Each 1947-87 Fullsize Chevy & GMC Truck Glove Box Door Bumpers Chevy & GMC Truck Windshield & Rear Window Seal Locking Strip Tool Chevy & GMC Truck Weatherstrip Small Hook Tool with Ball Chevy & GMC Truck Windshield & Rear Window Seal Chisel Stick
1960-66 Chevy & GMC Truck Small Rear Window Seal with Black Lockstrip 1964-66 Chevy & GMC Truck Windshield Seal without Trim Channel 1960-66 Chevy & GMC Truck Hood to Cowl Seal 1960-66 Chevy & GMC Truck Inner Fender Seal Set 1960-66 Chevy & GMC Truck Rear Fender to Body Seal